An important memoir

My name is Jeremy Schreiber and I am an author.

Jeremy is a breakout author who writes on disability, discrimination, and living a better life.

His new book, The Invisible Nation, walks the reader through his journey from being a picture of perfect health, to fully dependent on his family after being diagnosed with ALS.

Along the way, he experiences the devastation of this disease, abandonment by his wife, and a world built to shun people with disabilities. It's not all doom and gloom. He finds love, support, and a powerful purpose to share with the world.

Here is what you'll learn:

  • How to become your own health champion
  • Techniques for getting the care you deserve
  • Why GoFundMe is critical to your healing
  • The importance of advocacy
  • How to evaluate a clinical trial
  • Who should be on your health care team
  • And more!

I'll send you all the greatness above each week to help you live your best life possible!

You want to read [The Invisible Nation] because it may be the funniest and most insightful memoir anybody has ever written.

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